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NORD release new video for "Remake"


While the days are getting shorter and the nights longer, luckily here are the Croatians NORD with a video for their new, adrenaline-laden art rock smasher Remake to wake you and shake you!

Their new single Remake is the fifth music video from their debut album Play Restart which was released in April by Geenger Records. In a relatively short time Play Restart received a significant number of positive reviews across Europe and beyond.

The band explains: “The music video for Remake is a work of a young filmmaker David Šegić, who had previously collaborated with the band on the music video for the song Shadows. The main character in the music video is portrayed by Elvia Nacinovich, the Italian drama champion at Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc in Rijeka, Croatia.

Nacinovich plays the middle-aged woman who goes to the attic to store the item she no longer finds necessary in her everyday life. She opens an old chest, and in there she finds a memory from her past which reminds her of some happier times. But that moment soon turns into an inexplicable sense of fear that is calling her in the dark corner of the attic. There she finds a cocoon from which the creature that represents her ego comes to meet her so that she can face herself and experience her own rebirth.”