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Blood On The Highway - When Too Many Dreams Come True

Ken Hensley - "Blood On The Highway - When Too Many Dreams Come True"

ALBUM TITLE: Blood On The Highway - When Too Many Dreams Come True

GENRE: Autobiography


LABEL: Grosser & Stein

ARTIST: Ken Hensley


„This is not a sex, drugs & rock`n`roll book!!“ are the opening words of Ken Hensley to his autobiography „Blood On The Highway -  When too many dreams com true“ – and points out that all three topics play an important role in the second sentence. After all, Hensley was the frontman of Uriah Heep for eleven years, one of the bands that was co-founder of Hard Rock. The life story of the 61-year-old is 195 pages long and is now being released via Membran.

From 1969 to 1980, Hensley was guitarist, singer and keyboarder of Uriah Heep, since then he has been a successful solo artist. His retrospect to life is at the same time a piece of contemporary history on the rock and music business, which he comments in a critical and ironic kind of way. You get to know everything on his wild life as a rockstar, concerts, high CD-selling-numbers, voyages, parties, his first Rolls-Royce, the first car race in which he partook (he ended last), his womanizing and drugs. On the other hand there is his private life, because an autobiography could not be an autobiography without childhood- and boyhood-memories: Hensley talks about his family, his schooldays and his faible for sports – he was captain of the Under-16-cricket-team! – and his “nearly-amateur-soccer-career”.

But his dream to become Elvis grew bigger: Hensley became a rock musician – a one who is known everywhere on the planet! But he also talks about the other side of the coin in a critical and ironic way: Refined, he talks about friends and colleagues who took the “intoxicating” life a little too seriously and died due to drug overdoses. Losses like these, failed relationships and the turning away from Uriah Heep let Hensley think about his life once again. A life full of contrasts, the story of a person who is constantly searching, without knowing what for, who, in the end, finds his very personal way: After a heart attack, Hensley turns towards Christianity, and realizes that he has received a second chance. At the end of the 90es, he finally gets to know his big love, Monica, who supports his new way. A dream came true! 

The autobiography will be released in English and contains many many pictures. An extensive discography and a detailed list of all mentioned musicians, like his rock-colleagues Cinderella, The Dogs, W.A.S.P. and Blackfoot complete Hensley’s life story. A must for every Hard-Rock-Fan!