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Chasin‘ Wild Trains

Kim Carnes - "Chasin‘ Wild Trains"

ALBUM TITLE: Chasin‘ Wild Trains

GENRE: Country

LABEL: Corazong

ARTIST: Kim Carnes


Some  call her "the female Rod Stewart", but first, KIM CARNES has the better  hairdresser and second, the lady became famous because of something  completely different: "Bette Davis Eyes" was the name of her worldwide  No.1-Hit, which you're probably already humming unconciously while  reading these lines... ;-)

KIM CARNES is definitely more than a  one-hit-wonder! She proved this with the release of her comeback-album  "Chasin' Wild Trains", and due to the fact that we adopted the complete  program of Corazong Records, a re-release of this CD will be available  soon, which contains two additional bonus tracks in its first limited  edition. KIM CARNES was accompanied by several great musicians like  Richard Bennett (Dire Straits, Steve Earle), Chuck Prophet or Al  Anderson (NRBQ).