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CMM internal: Your new contacts for print promotion


Meet our new print promotion team!

Name  Jay Lansford
Role   Print Promotion (EURO/US)
Email: jay@cmm-marketing.com
Skype: Jay.Lansford
Phone: +49(0)511 / 169 989 - 26

Claim "Gabba Gabba we accept you, one of us" (Ramones)

About Jay
With over 25 years of experience in music business, Jay has worked together with legendary artists such as Alice Cooper, Motörhead, Judas Priest, Saxon, Ronnie James Dio and Skid Row. “Rock & Roll music represents freedom and together this is what we are fighting for. From the stage to the recording studio, behind the scenes and all points in between, experience, patience and faith are the things that keep us all motivated to keep reaching for our goals.”





Name  Robert Helle
Role   Print Promotion (GSA)
Email: robert@cmm-marketing.com
Skype: CMM-Robert
Phone: +49(0)511 / 169 989 - 26

“We have now left Reason and Sanity Junction. Next stop, Looneyville.” 
                (Jim Butcher)

About Robert
An avid Musician with a range from 60s Folk to modern SID Metal, Rob has played gigs in and on nearly every stage, barn or even outhouse with an electrical socket in northern Germany in the past 20 years. An enthusiast fan of nerdy and weird stuff in general he is a walking library of the most obscure pop culture references as well as a database on bands, musicians and rock history. Having worked on different positions in the music industry from doing technical support at one of Europe's biggest music vendors to running his own guitar school, after getting a degree in music business administration he now brings not only a broad spectrum of abilities but also his very hands-on mentality to the team.

This is Jay ;)






This is Robert ;)