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Eamonn McCormack: new video single + more tour dates added!


Video for Angel of Love out now / Ongoing European tour with new dates!

The modern day power trio Eamonn McCormack, currently on tour across Europe, celebrating the recent release of their critically acclaimed self-titled album with the crowd, keeps pushing the boundaries of blues rock with a heavy and energetic presence on stage. “The band and I are always looking forward to the very first shows, and the crowd never ceases to invigorate us with their welcoming energy and ravenous hunger for ROCK,” the band reflects on switching mode from domestic to roaming: “It’s these first days on the road that put the final pieces to the stage-hungry trio that we are, the puzzle that is Eamonn McCormack. We entered them as a mere gang of brothers united in music. And we’re now looking back at this start – and looking forward to the rest of the ride – as a family made whole by all the rockers, bluesers, folkers, and metalheads who are spending loud and sweaty nights with us!”

Putting a few days off to good use, the band releases their third and final album single Angel of Love, along with an atmospheric video. The song could best be described as the ultimate doomsday ballad: Slow and heavy, it paints the apocalyptic picture of a world in demise, fueled by Eamonn’s lingering fear of an all out nuclear war. “I’m really not great when it comes to repressing this fear, so writing songs is my way of coping. The scenario of a potential world war, the fear that it can instill in us… That has changed drastically,” Eamonn ponders: “Previously tucked away in the hearts and minds of people who spent their time in the eighties, and under the burden of the cold war, this fear has now found its way into the psyche of the youngest in our societies, as recent surveys suggest. It pains me to see that Angel of Love now speaks to them, too, and in a way that shouldn’t be!”
The dragging beat, the wailing guitar hammering out notes that just click into place, feeling meaningful and void of artistic posing in a rigorous way, and lastly Eamonn’s haunting voice begging for a shimmer of hope – it all makes for that groove that proves once again: On this album, there’s more to a song than its title may suggest.

Eamonn McCormack on tour:

11 - Hengelo - Metropool NL
12 - Drachten - Induna NL
16 - Straubing - Raven Music Club D
17 - Freudenburg - Ducsaal Musik Club D
18 - Fürth - Kofferfabrik D
28 - Bremen - Meisenfrei D
30 - Braunschweig - Barnaby's D

13 - Ljubljana - Prulcek Club SL
14 - Zagreb - Booze & Blues Club HA
15 - Udine - tbc IT
16 - Strasbourg - tbc F
19 - Verviers - Spirit of 66 B
21 - Oberhausen - Festival D
27 - Vienna - Reigen Club A
28 - Bratislava - Muzeum Obchodu SLK
29 - Budapest - tbc H
30 - Brno Czech Republic - tbc CZ

6 - Apeldoorn - Blues Cafe NL

10 - Dinxperlo - (Charity) Concert for Dreams NL

20 - Lübeck - Rider's Cafe D
22 - Dresden - Tante Ju D

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