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Wacken Roll - Das Größte Heavy Metal Festival Der Welt

Wacken - "Wacken Roll - Das Größte Heavy Metal Festival Der Welt"

ALBUM TITLE: Wacken Roll - Das Größte Heavy Metal Festival Der Welt


LABEL: Hannibal

Right on time for the 20th anniversary of the Wacken Open Air we are  happy to present a joyful event to you: “Wacken Roll – The biggest Heavy  Metal festival in the world”, a book by Andreas Schöwe! The book (ISBN  978-3-85445-304-8, Hannibal Verlag, 224 pages, with more than 100  pictures) is available for 14,95 Euros from now on at Metaltix.

About the book:
Loud, but peaceful: Every summer the biggest Heavy Metal festival in  the world takes place in the small village called Wacken in northern  Germany. At that time two worlds collide, which couldn’t be more  different: On the one hand a contemplative, peaceful village. On the  other hand a Heavy-Metal fan-community from all around the world, which  meets right there in order to celebrate an extreme loud but constantly  peaceful festival for a few days and to listen to the sonic  thunderstorms of the hottest Metal-bands.
In that book the author portrays this event from all perspectives and  collects a lot of funny, partly bizarre stories around the Wacken Open  Air. In numerous interviews the organizers, the inhabitants, the police,  the fire fighters, the regulatory agency, the mayor and on top of that a  lot of musicians like the Scorpions, Doro, U.D.O., Iron Maiden,  Stratovarius, Stephan Weidner or Exodus are getting a word..., - and  above all the fans too.

The author:
Andreas Schöwe writes for the METAL HAMMER magazine since 1990 and since two decades he passes for one of the most well-known journalists in that genre. As an insider of the Rock scene he already portrayed stars like Metallica, Guns N’Roses, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Black  Sabbath, Mötley Crüe, AC/DC or the Scorpions. The book “All Access/All Excess – Rock Stars unzensiert“ (2006)” was his last release, currently he also writes for the “Rock It!” magazine.

A comment from Holger Hübner (W:O:A organizer) about the book “Wacken Roll”, written by Andreas Schöwe:
“We have gladly supported this book for the 20th anniversary: The author Andreas Schöwe is a well-known journalist in the Metal scene fo  about 20 years and he knows what he is writing about, also because he has been a visitor of the Wacken Open Air for many years now. Another nice fact about that book is that each participating party gets a word, from the inhabitants, the mayor and the firedepartment to us, the organizers, and to the 24 bands, that report exemplarily about their experiences at Wacken. And last but not least the fans, that got their own chapter with a lot of space for their experiences and opinions. We´re amazed how the  Wacken Open Air has grown over the years. The author was able to document the whole story, from the beginning in 1990 until today, with all the highs and lows, in an impressive and exciting way!”