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In Sin We´ll Find Salvation

The Fading - "In Sin We´ll Find Salvation"

ALBUM TITLE: In Sin We´ll Find Salvation

GENRE: Melodic Death Metal



ARTIST: The Fading


From the splendor of lightning-fast riffs and hyper-speed drumming, to the heavy and powerful grooves that slash through the moshpit - THE FADING’s live show is an event to remember. Integrating influences from the veterans of the Swedish scene and the modern new-school American metal heroes, THE FADING delivers a violent and furious metal attack, sure to leave the crowd beaten and bruised.

The guys started shredding the stages across their homeland Israel in 2003 under the name Excessum. Following the band's name change into THE FADING in 2006, two independent EPs were released in the next couple of years, gaining the band support from the local crowd and positive press coverage.

In 2008 THE FADING was awarded the winner of the annual Metal Battle, which took place at the famous Wacken Open Air Festival, granting the band a record deal with Wacken Records. The guys then headed into the Underground Studios in Sweden to record their debut full-length release with veteran producer Pelle Saether (Ebony Tears, Necrodeath, Carnal Forge) and went on to mix the album in the Abyss Studios with Jonas Kjellgren (Scar Symmetry). The artwork was provided by the talented British artist Colin Marks (Nevermore, Strapping Young Lad, Aborted). The Summer 2009 will mark the release of THE FADING's much-anticipated debut full-length album "In Sin We'll Find Salvation".

The Fading cover art


01. Failure Proven
02. My Lost Serenity
03. The Sin Collector
04. One Step To Drama
05. Beyond Perfection
06. Angel Within
07. Confront Myself
08. When Dream Meets Reality
09. Destination, Life
10. Age Of Phobia