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LEACH (SWE): Hefty New Anti-War Video Single "All Rise" Out!


A fat juicy FUCK YOU from Sweden to a certain demagog and his soulless warmongers: LEACH with new video single All Rise!

Triggered by the accumulating acts of inhumanity in the Ukraine and the never-ending treadmill of history repeating itself, Swedish Death’n’Rollers LEACH are musically firing back. Their new video single All Rise is an angry, frustrated contribution to making culture yet another bit less about escapism and more about pointing out the true evil among us and condemning the shitbags who are fueling it to fuckin’ hell.
In the spirit of Black Sabbath (War Pigs), Bolt Thrower (...for Victory) or Sodom (Remember the Fallen), All Rise is an anti-war song in and out. However, this one has been written in light of a real and ongoing, brutally unjust war that has long begun to dig its trenches into the European psyche. LEACH mock the simpletons who march in lockstep to the will of their demagogue and therefore – as a mirror effect of dehumanizing their victims – tragically dehumanize themselves. In the process, they do not close their minds to the ambivalence of war.
What makes All Rise digestible is also the band’s underlying tribute to the Ukrainian defenders – an invigorating, pulsating groove, a march towards liberation from their attackers:

All Rise is the second single from the band’s fourth album New Model Of Disbelief, which will be released digitally and in CD and LP format on April 19, 2024. Christian Silver at Studiomega (Sepultura, Kreator, Soilwork), who already took great care of the band’s previous record Lovely Light of Life, acted as the driving force in terms of recording, mixing and mastering once again.
Make sure to pre-save the new record here: https://orcd.co/leach and don’t forget to toss the latest singles Gone To Waste (https://orcd.co/gonetowaste) and All Rise (https://orcd.co/leachallrise) on the playlist(s) of your choice.

With three full length releases and one EP already under their belts, the Swedish Death’N’Rollers have certainly established LEACH in the Scandi music scene. They’ve redefined the internationally cherished Swedish sound by merging elements of the iconic Gothenburg scene with that special aggressiveness of northern hardcore, while mixing in a good measure of old-school Stockholm death. Defining attributes of their work are electrifying and exciting smash songs with groovy twists – picture a blood-thirsty, melody-hungry bastard child of Entombed and Exodus, two of the band’s biggest, long-lasting influences.
This gang – Markus Wikander on vocals and guitars, Robert Karlsson on guitars, Anders Nordlander (as well as his successor Tobias Oja) on bass and Joachim Dahlström on drums – knows exactly how to work their blend of styles, and many of the most relevant playlist editors around the world have proven them right numerous times over the years. The vocals bite, the riffs burst to mosh and the melodies open up to passionate, huge life questions. The tense thematic run between revolution, social injustice and inner struggles in the band’s lyrics offers a superbly dynamic pressure vent for piled up emotions of all sorts.
And the Swedes aren’t a slouch in the touring department either: Through their wide-ranging live history, LEACH have shared the stage with prominent bands, such as Unearth, Misery Index, Belphegor and Kampfar. Over the recent years, this caused the gathering of an enthusiastic following around the band, as they describe by example of a typical LEACH live experience: “Over the top energy – the crowd can feel that we give it all and give us energy back.” Touring preparations for 2024 have long begun and first Swedish shows as well as a few festival gigs have already been booked.