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Become Who I Am

Nils Wandrey - "Become Who I Am"

ALBUM TITLE: Become Who I Am

GENRE: Indie

FORMAT: CD, Digital


DISTRIBUTOR: Bertus / The Orchard

ARTIST: Nils Wandrey


Nils Wandrey - Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Keys

Lars Hierath - Saxophone 

London Hudson - Drums on Gravity

Tosh Peterson - Drums on Did Anyone See Saturday?

The Rockstar Next Door

A song with Slash’s son London, guest drums from Tosh Peterson (e.g. Machine Gun Kelly), a tour with James Kottak (Scorpions) and Edguy as well as publicly proposing to Katy Perry in song form – Nils Wandrey’s CV reads as quite the feat.

No surprise, of course someone whose first band played in support of legends like Toto or Motörhead has got a lot going for him – and Nils Wandrey doesn’t tire of proving his entertaining qualities and musical talent to his audience.

The North German jack-of-all-trades is the driving force behind all aspects of his guitar-laden rock, cheekily describing his own sound as “Green Day meets Scorpions on a bad day”. Everything is written, played, produced and mixed by one-man-show Nils Wandrey himself, who manages effortlessly to stay true to his rock’n’roll roots. The man’s got DIY in his DNA and while it shows in all of his endeavors, his newest indie pop project has that special unique sheen. Carried by rocking drums and embellished with distinct pop sensibilities, it’s guaranteed to cheer up listeners and give them a good energy boost. Just what the doctor ordered now that fall’s on the horizon!



  1. Become Who I Am

  2. You Can Save The World Another Day

  3. Gotta Make It Worth It

  4. Rain

  5. Keep On Falling

  6. Leave It On My Mirror

  7. Gravity

  8. I Don’t Wanna Know

  9. All In All

  10. Fly

  11. This Time (We Get It Right)

  12. Memories

  13. Did Anyone See Saturday?