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Sailor‘s Grave

The Tip - "Sailor‘s Grave"

ALBUM TITLE: Sailor‘s Grave

GENRE: Sleaze/Blues Rock






Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica: Benny Carl

Lead Guitar/Bass/Mandolin: Ricky Dover Jr

Bass/Guitar: Robby Bote

Drums: Dixie Carl

Sleazy, bluesy, greasy – The American epicentre of music shows its balls again! Let us introduce you to The Tip from Nashville. Long nights, hot licks and the unbridled energy of the four pack are what wet rock’n’roll dreams are made of! 

Since The Tip came into the world in 2014, frontman Benny Carl, drummer Dixie Carl, guitarist Ricky Dover Jr. and bassist Robby Bote, who joined in 2015, live on the fast lane. Hungry and craving for relentless high energy Rock n’ Roll binges, the guys locked themselves up for several days and nights until they had their first EP “Killing It Wasted” recorded. Some concerts later, the self-titled debut came out in summer 2015, followed by live sieges of the West Coast, the East Coast and of the Mid-West of the United States.

This tough attitude paired with their explosive brew of blues-injected and dirty sleaze rock sounds soon brought The Tip the needed attention to not just be invited to Rocklahoma Festival two times in a row, but also to kick asses as the agitator for rock legends such as Buckcherry, The Darkness, Sebastian Bach, The Last Vegas or Geoff Tate’s Operation: Mindcrime.

Their second manifest “Sailor’s Grave” is available in the U.S. since August 2016. One year later, The Tip are now off to overrun the German market with addictive songs like “Rock N Roll Heaven”, “Can You Smell The Money” or “Get The Fuck Out”. One of their incredibly catchy refrains puts it straight: "What you see, is what you get. No we ain't fakin' it!"





The Tip


1. Struttin'

2. Rock N Roll Heaven

3. Ain't Fakin' It

4. Can You Smell The Money

5. Corner Bag Blues

6. Bad Karma

7. Get The Fuck Out

8. Whiskey And Coke

9. Sailor's Grave