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OSYRON Release "Razor‘s Wind" ...


... and announce Twitch Stream

As their recently (in a deluxe edition) re-released album Kingsbane continues at #2 on the Canadian national Loud Charts, Osyon's next music video release Razor’s Wind is due on Tuesday, August 24th. The band is super proud of guitarist Krzysztof Stalmach, who took the reins on shooting and cutting this video together.

“This song was originally a folk metal opus, telling the tale of how the reluctant hero of the Kingsbane story was finally answering the call to adventure; to leave his safe shores and journey into the unknown. The song muses about all his coming struggles; from within and without. Being that the setting the original painted was this seafaring epic, it translated so well (along with the beautiful Celtic inspired melodies) into this sea shanty-esque retelling of the original song.”

Check out the video for Razor’s Wind here:

Also on August 24 (same day as the video release), the guys in Osyron will be on a Twitch stream playing Band Room Blitz together with the game designer Andrew Baldock. Fans can watch and interact with the band members via the chat as they talk about the game, Loud as Hell Festival and Kingsbane.

Here are the details:
The stream is 8pm/20:00 MT on August 24.
The channel is Brian's Republic via https://www.twitch.tv/briansrepublic.