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MARFA MOTEL: Exceptional Rock’n‘Roll Trio Releases Video Single "They Call Me The Devil"


Wild Life Strangers Full-Length To Drop November 18th

Texas-raised, Germany-based Rock’n'Rroll trio MARFA MOTEL will release their full-length, Wild Life Strangers, on November 18th. After releasing the catchy but subliminally unsettling first single Feel It, the band now reveals an unapologetically cocky video for another album track: They Call Me The Devil. 

MARFA MOTEL’s wild guitar riffs, insanely tight rhythm sections, and raw human emotion offer "a lot of stuff to wrap your head and heart around,“ MARFA MOTEL’s singer, songwriter and guitarist Taylor Chess comments.

For more than two decades, Taylor Chess has been seasoning his brand of ravishing rock music with an eclectic mix of sonic and visual influences. Since their debut EP Inside Out in 2019, MARFA MOTEL have evolved from a rock band heavily influenced by skate punk into truly uncharted territory: With 2021’s stand-alone Give Me Fire, MARFA MOTEL established themselves as the contemporary incarnation of the Rock’n’Roll gods living on sensual R’n’B Mount Bling, carrying themselves with both the audacity of a narcissistic fuckboi and the authentic humility of a friend, with the ability to make you sweat profusely one second and stare deep into your soul the next. Their visceral songwriting is fueled by raw, uncensored lyrics, thick and warm Rock’n’Roll riffs, and energetic straight-forward drumming. 

The band has released two EPs and one stand-alone single since their inception in 2019. Wild Life Strangers, including stand-alone single Give Me Fire, recent Feel It, and the latest release They Call Me The Devil, was recorded by Markus Born, Dirk André and Jakob Morschewski at AZF studios, mixed by Tobias Schirmann, and mastered by Howie Weinberg in Los Angeles. The artwork was made by Kamil Wilde at Heart Taped Designs. Each of the singles’ electrifyingly vibrant videos was created by Mirko Witzki at Witzki Visions.

MARFA MOTEL's Taylor Chess explains,They Call Me The Devil is really about showing up no matter where, walking in like a badass because you feel like it, and taking what you want. Burn the place down, leave with the hottest chicks at the bar, take ‘em home, have a hell of a night, and start writing this song hung over in the morning still with sex in the air." And that’s what Chess offers in his interpretation and inspiration for the visuals: the yellow Lamborghini, the shades, the sexy girls, and untethered energy on stage.

The Call Me The Devil is a deliciously dirty track that flirts with unfiltered human desires and primitive fantasies before smacking the listener in the throat, reminding them of the soul that lives inside each multi-faceted human being and the dichotomies we all undeniably carry within us. 

Tune in to the band’s YouTube channel now to watch MARFA MOTEL’s They Call Me The Devil video. The track is out across all digital platforms now. Give Me Fire and the Feel It single are available HERE. The band is also releasing a (at times hilarious) Track-By-Track series on their YouTube channel, going deep into the “matter“ each song is made of and inspired by. 

The album Wild Life Strangers and a music video for the track How Much It Hurts will see release on November 18th, while MARFA MOTEL plans another music video for Down By The River for release in early January next year. Pre-save the digital-only release HERE.