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Best Of Ballads And Acoustic Specials

Axxis - "Best Of Ballads And Acoustic Specials"

ALBUM TITLE: Best Of Ballads And Acoustic Specials

GENRE: Hard Rock




COUNTRY: Germany

AXXIS still belong to the most successful German Hard Rock bands. The  band already showed everybody their capabilities with their debut  “Kingdom Of The Night”. Published in Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia  and USA, they were nominated as the best selling Hard Rock debut of a  German band of all times with over 100.000 sold copies in Germany alone.  The following releases assured a solid status for the band in the  German music scene and in their loyal supporters. Several very  successful albums followed before it became a little calmer among the  heavies from North Rhine-Westphalia at the end of the nineties. But  AXXIS were always there and stayed true to their style and their fans.  Until today they altogether released nine studio albums and toured  across Europe again and again over the years!
For this reason AXXIS do not just release a “normal” Best Of  Compilation but a composition containing a lot of rarities, unreleased  titles and above all special acoustic versions, especially chosen for  their fans. On this double album with 26 titles and 2 videos are  altogether 10 previously unreleased tracks. Seven of them have been  revised especially for this compilation and have even been newly  recorded! CD two, which exclusively consists of acoustic versions, also  has two rare videos of the band among other song rarities, which were up  to now only available on the AXXIS Japan EP. Of course every title has  been digitally remastered and the nice booklet with comments from the  band and companions as well as rare photos make this more than well done  Best Of package complete.