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The Chrysalis Years Vol. 2 (1980-1986)

UFO - "The Chrysalis Years Vol. 2 (1980-1986)"

ALBUM TITLE: The Chrysalis Years Vol. 2 (1980-1986)

GENRE: Hard Rock




“The Chrysalis Years (1980-1986)” collects together all six of the “post-Schenker” albums UFO recorded for Chrysalis in the 1980s. This anthology kicks off with 1980’s “No Place To Run”, now featuring the single edit ‘Young Blood’, available on CD for the first time, as well as its live b-side ‘Hot ‘N’ Ready’. Next up is a BBC gig recorded for Radio 1 on their 1980 “No Place To Run” UK tour. This is the first time the original broadcast has been released on CD in its entirety.



CD 1

01. Alpha Centauri
02. Lettin' Go
03. Mystery Train
04. This Fire Burns Tonight
05. Gone In The Night
06. Young Blood
07. No Place To Run
08. Take It Or Leave It
09. Money Money
10. Anyday
11. Young Blood (7" Edit)
12. Hot 'n' Ready (Live In Cleveland, Ohio)
13. Lettin' Go (BBC In Concert)
14. Young Blood (BBC In Concert)
15. No Place To Run (BBC In Concert)
16. Out In The Street (BBC In Concert)
17. Cherry (BBC In Concert)
18. Only You Can Rock Me (BBC In Concert)
19. Love To Love (BBC In Concert)

CD 2

01. Mystery Train (BBC In Concert)
02. Doctor Doctor (BBC In Concert)
03. Too Hot To Handle (BBC In Concert)
04. Lights Out (BBC In Concert)
05. Rock Bottom (BBC In Concert)
06. Chains Chains
07. Long Gone
08. The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent
09. It's Killing Me
10. Makin' Moves
11. Lonely Heart
12. Couldn't Get It Right
13. Profession Of Violence
14. Lonely Heart (7" Edit)

CD 3

01. The Writer
02. Somethin' Else
03. Back Into My Life
04. You'll Get Love
05. Doing It All For You
06. We Belong To The Night
07. Let It Rain
08. Terri
09. Feel It
10. Dreaming
11. Heel Of A Stranger

CD 4

01. Blinded By A Lie
02. Diesel In The Dust
03. A Fool For Love
04. You And Me
05. When It's Time To Rock
06. The Way The Wild Wind Blows
07. Call My Name
08. All Over You
09. No Getaway
10. Push, It's Love
11. Everybody Knows
12. When It's Time To Rock (7" Edit)
13. We Belong To The Night (Live At Hammersmith)
14. Let It Rain (Live At Hammersmith)
15. Couldn't Get It Right (Live At Hammersmith)
16. Electric Phase (Live At Hammersmith)
17. Doing It All For You (Live At Hammersmith)

CD 5

01. This Time
02. One Heart
03. Night Run
04. The Only Ones
05. Mean Streets
06. Name Of Love
07. Blue
08. Dream The Dream
09. Heavens Gate
10. Wreckless
11. The Chase
12. Night Run (US Remix)
13. Heavens Gate (US Remix)
14. One Heart (US Remix)