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OSYRON Release New Single + Video


VIPER QUEEN is here!

Smashing drums, a havoc wreaking guitar riff and crystal clear vocals – welcome VIPER QUEEN!
With the first impression of their upcoming Re-Release of Kingsbane (Deluxe Edition), Canadian metallers OSYRON tell the story of a cunning, yet tempting phantom that won’t let you loose any time soon. Providing a mysterious and atmospheric sentiment, the music video for the cult classic Viper Queen compliments the songs perfectly.

Besides Viper Queen, the upcoming re-release will also feature Griefmaker and Razor's Wind (Acoustic) as rewritten, rearranged and re-recorded bonus tracks with current drummer Cody Anstey. The original recordings of the bonus tracks were written by guitarists Krzysztof Stalmach and Bobby Harley, but for the Deluxe Version were collaborated on by the whole band. The Deluxe Version of Kingsbane was also entirely remixed by bassist Tyler Corbett and remastered by drummer Cody Antsey.

The upcoming Canadian metal force OSYRON released its highly anticipated and critically acclaimed album FOUNDATIONS in spring of 2020. The release was an immersive exploration of Canadian history and identity, speaking on topics of the country's colonization to its mistreatment and recognition of the First Nations to its participation in global warfare.
After celebrating the success of Foundations, the band is now looking forward to the 2017-album KINGSBANE to be reintroduced to old and new fans on May 14th as a Deluxe Edition, featuring bonus tracks as well as remixed and remastered editions of all songs.

The album is available for pre-sale, pre-sale for merchandise will start on the band’s Bandcamp page on April 9th.

Pre-order Kingsbane here: