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Cryptex release live session video for "Ribbon Tied Swing" – Complete "Rain Shelter Sessions" EP out now!


“All right, come on everybody. Let’s do it one more time!”, singer Simon Moskon belts out into the microphone just before the rocking finale of Ribbon Tied Swing in the brand new live session video by the German progressive rockers of CRYPTEX.

The track is taken from the success album Madeleine Effect and the video they recorded for it is the third and (for now) final part of their Rain Shelter Sessions


Ribbon Tied Swing


After their never before recorded epic cover version of SAVATAGE’s Gutter Ballet and the brand new, mystic, melancholically elating Closer, Madeleine Effect's Ribbon Tied Swing is the perfect song to complete the band’s live session trilogy: The track features the special mixture of rock and alternative with slight folk attitude and prog-art of the old kind that Cryptex have successfully made their trademark and unique feature. There is just no classifying this band. And the three tracks of the Rain Shelter Sessions do now prove the progressive rockers’ multifaceted nature once again.

That’s why Cryptex have brought together and perpetuated all three songs (remastered especially for this release) on a digital EP: Rain Shelter Sessions, Part 1-3 is now available in online stores and on all streaming platforms.

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