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Choir Boy

Brunhilde - "Choir Boy"


GENRE: Punk / Metal / Alternative

FORMAT: Digital/CD

LABEL: Count And Countess

DISTRIBUTOR: Bertus (physical) / Kontor New Media (digital)

ARTIST: Brunhilde


Caro Bauereiß - Vocals

Kurt Bauereiß - Guitar

Oliver Holzwarth - Bass

Bastian Emig - Drums

BRUNHILDE – a name that sounds like a thunderstorm. Mystical and legendary and very close and alive. Their name taken from the ancient German Nibelungen Saga, BRUNHILDE are rising stars with their intriguing Punk & Metal sound made in Germany. Right in the centre of the storm, there is the spectacular front woman and lead singer Caro – blond, wild and belligerent – a real Valkyrie come to life, taking the audience by storm. Accompanied by her "partner in crime", axeman and song writer Kurt Bauereiß, this beauty sets every stage on fire like a beast and knocks her fans off their feet with her style, her energy and her voice. There’s no doubt about it: BRUNHILDE emanates a magical mix of hard guitar riffs and blond poison. The enigmatic duo is about to conquer the world (of music) – with their unpretentious and straightforward Rock & Punk songs, mixed by none other than master-producer Charlie Bauerfeind (Blind Guardian, Helloween, etc.), who instantly saw the extraordinary potential of this band. All the songs were recorded in the band-owned Streetlife-Studio in Fürth, Germany. The duo was joined by bass player Oliver Holzwarth (ex-session musician for Blind Guardian) and drummer Bastian Emig (Van Canto). BRUNHILDE embark on the latest chapter of an amazing saga in spring 2020, when releasing their first single and their following EP. And those are just harbingers of their forthcoming thunderous LP. Stay tuned!



1. Choir Boy

2. When You Were Born (I Was Already Dead)“

3. It’s All Lies

4. Golddigger