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BRUNHILDE – Debut-EP "Choir Boy" by Metal-Punk-rising stars is released on the 26th of June 2020


...including three more brand new songs!

BRUNHILDE, the new rising stars from Germany, are firing things up. Just a couple of weeks after releasing their first digital single When You Were Born (I Was Already Dead), they will rock you with their first physical product, a 4-track EP, on the 26th of June. The opener of the record, titled Choir Boy, is also the second official single.
Of course BRUNHILDE are by no means a bunch of wallflowers or choir boys. The band emanates a whole lot of hard riffs and pure blond poison. Singer Caro Loy and guitarist Kurt Bauereiß were discovered by master producer Charlie Bauerfeind (Blind Guardian, Helloween). And he also took a major part in making Choir Boy. “It’s fascinating how Charlie takes our basic song ideas and creates something completely new from their very essence,” explains Caro. “That was especially striking in the case of ‘Choir Boy’. He doubled all the syllables and reassembled them in an entirely new way on his mixing desk.”

Still the song also works really well live. Caro: “At first I had to get used to the staccato and I had to arrange the very short breathing times. Now it works great and the song has become one of my absolute favourites.”
The second song after the first BRUNHILDE single When You Were Born (I Was Already Dead) that is now finally available “for real”, on a physical release. A song that shows – after a quiet, acoustic intro – BRUNHILDE‘s true colours all at once: unlimited power at full speed! All according to Caro’s motto: “Life’s too short to be a time-waster!”
The new BRUNHILDE EP also has space for a very strong ballad. Kurt: “I composed the song on my guitar, it has a great melody.” During the studio work on the BRUNHILDE album, which will be released in spring 2021, drummer and “jack of all trades” Bastian Emig (Van Canto) felt like playing along on the grand piano and transformed the song in such a genius way that it made it onto the 4-track CD as a piano version. Kurt: “Caro’s voice is so close here. Combined with the lyrics, it really shakes you to the core.” The singer adds: “I instantly knew what kind of lyrics would be the perfect match for this song, so the lyrics were written in ten minutes. They are – as it is often the case – all about my life.”
The grand finale of the EP is the song Golddigger. “The drum and bass parts were spiced up especially for the EP,” Kurt says. And Caro lets us in on a little secret: “Actually, the song was supposed to be on the new album, but we couldn’t wait any longer, ‘Golddigger’ just had to be released right now. Instead, we have already written two new songs for the album.”


1. Choir Boy
2. When You Were Born (I Was Already Dead)
3. It’s All Lies
4. Golddigger