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rekkorder - "One"


GENRE: Rock, Alternative

FORMAT: Digital, CD


DISTRIBUTOR: Bertus / The Orchard

ARTIST: rekkorder

COUNTRY: Germany, Columbia


Nina Lucia Medina Muñoz- Vocals

Bernd - Guitar

One is a collection of 17 eclectic tracks, each one a story, all nurtured by the emotional sponge that rekkorder set out to become. These guys are as perceptive as they are energetic, and the amount of reflecting they pour into each song near merits the term concerned rock.

Their soundscapes are dynamic, catchy, riff-infused, often melancholic and draw on a multitude of genres. The stories they tell are inspired by current world events and people’s lives alike, talking about suicide (Gravestone), addiction (MaryJane) and longing (End It All). That said, there’s always a strong emphasis on the reasons why people push through, which means that despite its serious subject matter, One has the songs to blast while driving (Gasoline) and the ultimate score for a brief moment of peace, when everyday problems fade against the backdrop of a cozy summer night (Be Alright). The band emphasize that their albums have no need for a stiff concept; their music is an end in itself: “We make our music simply because we have a need to do so.” 

The first single Gravestone is a four minute groovy rock number chock-full of the band's signature antics, classic elements offsetting Nina's unique vocal style which rivals the attitudes of some of the most beloved singers rekkorder’s fine blend of genres evokes. The charismatic song is complemented by a video which symbolizes the inner conflict and battle of depression. Scenes of imprisonment, boundaries and torture clash vigorously with the band performing in an impressive visualization of the mixture of anger and desperation that characterize mentally critical states.

Embodying their strong, rebellious attitude as well as the band’s softer, somber side in its lyrics and video, Gravestone marks the beginning of the era of One – which will meet the desires of fans and those who’ll inevitably become one.


  1. Be Alright

  2. Broken

  3. Dark Labyrinth

  4. Daylights Fading

  5. Download

  6. Dumb Misery

  7. End It All

  8. Gasoline

  9. Gravestone

  10. Lass Los

  11. Mary Jane

  12. One

  13. Raindrops

  14. Solamente

  15. Sugar 

  16. Sweet Control

  17. The Last Walk