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To Cut A Long Story Short

Brunhilde - "To Cut A Long Story Short"

ALBUM TITLE: To Cut A Long Story Short

GENRE: Heavy Metal, Punk Rock

FORMAT: Digital, CD, LP

LABEL: Count & Countess

DISTRIBUTOR: Kontor New Media, Bertus

ARTIST: Brunhilde


Vocals - Caro Loy

Guitar - Kurt Bauereiß

Bass - Oliver Holzwarth

Drums - Bastian Emig

BRUNHILDE is coming!

Attention, (music-) world! BRUNHILDE is coming! With a vengeance. The band with the legendary name will release their highly anticipated album To Cut A Long Story Short on the 26th of February 2021! The pre-released singles by the rising stars of Rock, fronted by dream woman Caro Loy, had everyone gagging for more – in February '21, after appetizers such as their debut single When You Were Born (I Was Already Dead) or the potentially addictive EP Choir Boy, the band will finally release a 14-track album – including a breath-taking cover version of the Nina Hagen classic So Bad!

Singer Caro Loy and guitarist Kurt Bauereiß were discovered by none other than producer Charlie Bauerfeind (Motörhead, BlindGuardian, Helloween, ...). He reveals: “I thought the band was cool straight away – also because BRUNHILDE are musically very multi-faceted. I helped the band to get straight to the point and to bring some structure into their writing. We broke down all the songs to their very basic structures. We wanted the pure essence of the songs.”

Guitarist Kurt Bauereiß adds: “In the end we wanted everything to be very straight-forward, without any filling material. That's why almost all of the songs are around three minutes long.” All according to the (album-) motto: To Cut A Long Story Short! And there's one more thing, all songs have in common: a magical mixture of hard riffs and blonde poison with bucket loads of passion!

Attention people! BRUNHILDE is coming – in a big way! Arrival on 26.02.2021!!!


Source: Count & Countess




1. Miss God

2. Hell Or High Water

3. Judas

4. Where Are You Going?

5. When You Were Born (I Was Already Dead)

6. In My Head

7. All Is Lost

8. Come Out Come Out

9. I ́m Crying

10. Choir Boy

11. Digging Ditches

12. Sleep With My Enemy

13. So Bad

14. It ́s All Lies