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Stray Train stream “Blues From Hell” in full right now!


Stray Train are on the rails right into your ears! 

The Slovenian blues rockers are streaming their new album “Blues From Hell - The Legend Of The Courageous Five” in its entirety – 12 tracks of electrifying and heavily groovin’ blues rock. After returning home from promoting their massively recognized “Monkey” album the fivesome barricaded themselves in the rehearsal room to write new material. Singer Luka Lamut remembers it quite vividly:

“We began writing songs for ‘Blues From Hell  -The Legend Of The Courageous Five’ right after we finished our 1st Album. New ideas just seemed to burst out of us in the most natural way – just the five of us in the rehearsal room – which is something we believe not too many bands have these days.”

First and foremost, Blues From Hell - The Legend Of The Courageous Five is a very personal album for all band members:

‘Blues from Hell’ stands for everything that we are; as a band and each and every one of us individually. It tells stories of our lives … What makes us happy, sad and what makes us angry. ‘The Legend of the Courageous Five’, on the other hand, stands for the guts it takes to do your own thing no matter what others say. In our case this means going out as many nights as possible and rock the crowd like there is no tomorrow!”

In the light of all this, it then of course prove as a huge benefit that the band members had already spent some very intense time together:

“‘Blues From Hell – The Legend of the Courageous Five’ is different from our first album. It is more focused and straight to the point, while at the same time it is more variable. We knew exactly what we want and where to go with this record. There were no shortcuts. And the main reason for this is that we got to know each other much better during these two years and a lot has happened to us. We became really good friends – and the chemistry can be felt on the record as well. This is something no money can buy!

Blues From Hell is  released via SAOL today and is available on high-quality gatefold CD, gatefold double vinyl and as a digital download so make sure to grab your digital or physical copy!