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Uzziel‘s "Fading - A Recording Diary"


A different approach to music videos!

Credible, tackling, down to earth and driven by a touch of against, metal lunatics UZZIEL just keep on pursuing their path in a tenacious fashion. Instead of delivering a regular music or lyric video for Fading, the band opens up and grants insight into the recording sessions for their album This Fear that got released in November, and of course the guys aren’t shying away from a good amount of self-mockery. Hence the subheadline A Recording Diary to fly along with their latest video single. Couldn’t be more fitting. It’s how the Austrian thrashers are picking up what they’ve successfully started with the album release: they are transfering the rumbling breed of underground thrash metal, which we used to love so much during the 80s and 90s, into 21st century soundscapes – painless and without forfeiting authenticity. And sneaking the result, flanked by positive resonance, past ultra modern high-lustre productions and right into the focus of the fans.

Simply put, Uzziel have thereby answered the question whether it is still allowed to get things rumbling today with a loud and clear “Fuck yeah!” – and that with the consent of many critics. But it’s likewise a refreshing, warm “Piss off!” towards the loudness war fraction. Because best solutions are sometimes found somewhere in the middle and that’s what happens when all the snot, filth and mud of the wild early Thrash Metal soundwise experiences an evolution instead of a revolution, that – let’s be honest – no one ever really needed.