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Live In Los Angeles

Trouble - "Live In Los Angeles"

ALBUM TITLE: Live In Los Angeles

GENRE: Doom Metal



ARTIST: Trouble


After saying goodbye to their former singer Eric Wagner with the “Unplugged” album, on which Trouble put their all-time classics into an acoustic garb, for one of the most influential US-Doom-Bands of all time it’s gonna be time to look ahead.

Last year Trouble already toured through the US with their new lead-singer Kory Clarke (ex. Warrior Soul) and recorded a Live-Album which will be called “Live in Los Angeles” and will be released through SAOL/H’Art on June 19, 2009. The reason for recording the Trouble “Live In Los Angeles” CD is to introduce the band´s new front man and lead singer, Kory Clarke. It’s that simple. Trouble is going through a time of changes, but it may not be what you think. The band has a renewal of the rebellious spirit that has made them doom icons for over twenty years. Perhaps the years of going through bureaucratic bullshit and working with labels that have no idea of how to approach the band properly have driven them to do what they are doing.

And that is: Listen to nobody else’s opinion, write and play the music they love, and do this for nobody except themselves. Another indication of this behaviour is the recruiting of Kory Clarke, who is well-known for his rebellious nature and for his strong political point of view. Instead of moving farther away from the roots of the band, they have now got closer than ever to their interests, and make the best of it. The CD was recorded in a club in Los Angeles that no longer exists since the summer of 2008. The band toured both East and West Coast dates getting the new line-up acclimated to play together. The tour went well and the band grew closer as a unit once again. A new energy has come to the band that is evident in the recordings, and this will serve them well as they move forward into a new era of Trouble. This is a transition CD, an out with the old, in with the new if you like. It is, the new beginning…

Trouble, cover art


01. Intro
02. R.I.P.
03. The Sleeper
04. Touch The Sky
05. Plastic Green Head
06. The Eye
07. Simple Mind Condition
08. Mr. White
09. Endtime
10. Troublemaker
11. End Of My Daze