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Cross-cultural rockers rekkorder get real in new single "End It All"


Album pre-order now available 

“In the daily struggles we go through in our lives, there are breakthrough moments that remind us to give our best in order to thrive”, says rekkorder frontwoman Nina Lucia Medina Muñoz about the inspiration for their newest release, End It All. The second single off of their upcoming album One wastes no time and packages the raw emotion of longing, interpersonal setbacks and the growth they can engender in concise razor-sharp lyrical images. The band serves them up with groovy hooks in a wild ride across singer Nina’s stylistic range, who transitions seamlessly from beautiful pop-inspired harmonies to guttural, wrath-laden shouts, completed by guitarist Bernd Bloedorn’s powerful command of the six strings. End It All will get your hearts and fists pumping! The song’s emotional message is uniquely encapsulated by a video shot on site in Mazār-i-Sharīf, Afghanistan, showing the band in battle armor making their way through dangerous terrain toward a steel-reinforced stronghold in order to finally break through the void, let go and rock out.

Their 17-track sophomore album One will be out in September. If you pre-order via Amazon or iTunes, you’ll get immediate access to End It All as well as their first single Gravestone.


One will be released on September 24th via SAOL. You can pre-order the album here: https://orcd.co/rekkorder-one


1. Be Alright
2. Broken
3. Dark Labyrinth
4. Daylights Fading
5. Download
6. Dumb Misery
7. End It All
8. Gasoline
9. Gravestone
10. Lass Los
11. Mary Jane
12. One
13. Raindrops
14. Solamente
15. Sugar
16. Sweet Control
17. The Last Walk