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SHARK ISLAND: Valentine‘s Gift for all you Lovers out there!


New album Bloodline out on CD, digital bundle only €2.14 today!

Hey lover, what are you gifting to the sweet hub of your universe today? Something to dance, kiss, work, love and build to? Something to enjoy yourselves with? Don’t worry, we’ve got you and your beloved covered!

SHARK ISLAND, the legendary Sunset Strip rockers, who once influenced a swarm of bands all over the world, are back with their brand new album Bloodline — after its digital release on 11-11-2019 (the band’s very own anniversary) it is now available on CD, just as promised.

Now what better way to celebrate Bloodline’s tremendous digital success than by kicking physical sales off with a symbolic € 2.14 Valentine’s Day Special Offer for its digital sibling? Exactly! So here we go:

With a big, warm hug from Richard Black and his gang of five at SHARK ISLAND, from 02:14 pm on this wonderful Valentine’s Day you guys just go to their Bandcamp page and get the gift for your sweetheart, Bloodline, for just € 2.14. This offer is available from 02:14 PM today through 02:14 AM CET tomorrow. So yeah, if last minute and totally wasted gift shopping at a party happen to be just your thing, have at it!


Looking for a bail out from the annual romantic kitsch movie with him or her tonight? Check out Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and original Keanu Reeves movie Point Break as both are 100% approved by Richard and the guys — or else they wouldn’t have contributed to the respective movie scores in the first place. On that note: “Be excellent to each other!”