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Evanescence guitarist Jen Majura releases playthrough video of InZENity!


Jen-of-all-trades is at it again in a playthrough video of her album title track InZENity.

Jen Majura has struck again, making her fans' mouths water for InZENity’s release on November 24th. Check out her energetic playing style as well as a taste of her intoxicating songwriting abilities in this playthrough video recorded at ENGL. InZENity pays homage to Jen’s manifold influences and at first listen reminds you of Mathias IA Eklundh’s signature freak guitar style with it’s whacko opening only to cascade into a riffing attack of the finest category.




German musician Jen Majura is many things: singer, guitarist, composer, an endorser and brand ambassador for ENGL, Ibanez, Line6, Richter Straps, Cordial Cables, NewRock, and innately a very lovable workaholic. A professional musician since 2002, she has performed various musical roles in bands such as Rage, Equilibrium, Knorkator and since 2015, Evanescence.

Now she is ready to unleash her second solo album InZENity on November 24th, and who thinks that Jen’s energetic playing isn’t  enough already,  also gets guest performances from Mathias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Jeff Waters (Annihilator), Alex Skolnick (Testament), Jan Zehrfeld (Panzerballett) and Nico Schliemann (Glasperlenspiel)!