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CEILD: Last single and video before album release!


With just mere days left until CEILD’s magnificent instrumental journey A View will see the light of day, ...

... this tight gang of French avantgardists reveals the third and last single for you to sneak a peek of things to come. Just as the calm is appreciated before the storm, a stalling moment of contemplation can be an inspiring way to gather strength and adjust focus at a new year’s crack of dawn. Now Sailed alone can’t do this for you. As an invitation however, it sure will pave the ground for you to get there. Or as the band describes: 

“To sail the seas and soar across the dales and the peaks of earth observing and contemplating, perhaps falling yet always ignoring that horizons can’t be caught; to sail in order to move forward and explore the unknown absolute. This is the spirit of man and of our song Sailed, presented on a layer of animated video art realized by Clément Bodin. Follow us into a fresco of dreams or nightmarish landscapes waiting to immerse you into deep contemplation – just as a clandestine mind might be doing right now while sailing into the unknown somewhere in or out of this world.”

A View will be fully released worldwide on January 25th via SAOL.

CEILD online: