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Riders Of The Ancient Storm

Heavy Load - "Riders Of The Ancient Storm"

ALBUM TITLE: Riders Of The Ancient Storm

GENRE: Viking Metal / Doom


LABEL: No Remorse Records

ARTIST: Heavy Load



Torbjörn Ragnesjö - Bass Guitar
Ragne Wahlquist - Vocals, Lead Guitar, Keyboards
Styrbjörn Wahlquist - Vocals, Drums
Niclas Sunnerberg - Guitar, Backing Vocals

The band that started the Swedish wave of heavy metal is back: HEAVY LOAD! Four decades have passed since HEAVY LOAD released their latest album: Stronger than Evil (1983). Years before the rest of the northern world, their songs ventured into Viking themes and existential lyrics, spearheading a movement way ahead of its time. The compositions are dramatic and render a great variety of moods, while passionate innovation and creative fervor are always shining bright in every song on the album – pioneering 101!

HEAVY LOAD’s comeback album Riders of the Ancient Storm rings of their well-known sound and songwriting. Thanks to an epic pact between the band and No Remorse Records, the band’s whole back catalog is brought back as high quality re-releases. After releases in 2018 and 2019, more will follow. The records come with bonus tracks and old recordings never before heard by the public, and extensive booklets. It’s a release long awaited by people all over the globe – and it will be followed by many concerts to come. HEAVY LOAD is back!

Riders of the Ancient Storm will be available on October 6th, early birds can pre-order it right now on www.noremorse.gr. More stores and main distributors will follow.

But there’s more: Singer, guitarist, keyboarder and producer Ragne Wahlquist – who is also an avid author – will release a special edition of his soon-to-launch Wahlgaard Saga, a Viking family saga in a series of novels, along with the band’s new album. Adding to the gravitational pull of this overarching theme, Riders of the Ancient Storm, which references passages of the Wahlgaard Saga on numerous occasions, will also be available as a Luxury Box including the English version of Wahlquist’s book. In addition, this crazy package (limited to 300 hand numbered copies) contains the digipak CD, coloured vinyl, a t-shirt and a poster – a heavy load indeed, ain’t it?



Ride the Night
We Rock the World
Walhalla Warriors
Angel Dark

Slave No More
Raven Is Calling
Sail Away
Butterfly Whisperings (Bonus track)