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The Mighty One: Handing THE TORCH OF ROCK AND ROLL to YOU!


The Torch Of Rock And Roll has been lit!

Canadian hard rock force THE MIGHTY ONE have just released their brand new record The Torch Of Rock And Roll, an unparalleled, uncompromisingly heavy rock album about the victories and defeats, the gains and losses, the ups and downs in the life of a true rock’n’roller. Two prior albums have pathed the way for a result, which – while being a brutally straight and honest album – is The Mighty One’s most complex and refined output so far. Reflecting upon a life dedicated to heavy music, filled with awe-inspiring moments, with power trips and the heartfelt losses that such a commitment brings, it already hauls the load for a dramatic rock and metal opera. And since we all know that no such piece would get away without a relatable protagonist, Tim Steinruck reached out into his own past in order to put a youngster and his coming of age journey right where the protagonist of the album’s title track belongs: front and center. The fan and dreamer that built upon his dreams – and boy do dreams burn!

The title track of The Torch Of Rock And Roll tells the real life story of said boy who happened to fall in love with KISS, the dreams he had and the will to make them come true to a point of eventually signing a management/record deal with his idol Paul Stanley. It’s also a story about the moment when a fiery heart realizes that all the ill-fated things its owner has gone through have just been a matter of synchronicity rather than fate. A truly recognitial moment and the spark that lit his lifelong fire of purpose. Here are the lyrics to accompany the brand new single and a teaser to the upcoming music video:


When I was just 13

When rock and roll was king

That’s when I joined

The Kiss Army

Destroyer in my hand

The cover dark and glam

It a lit a flame inside of me

I wanna feel the lights

I wanna feel the flames

Oh yeah, burning burning oh

The Torch of Rock and Roll

Hold it high, heal your soul

I turned 24

Paul Stanley at my door

Record deal and dreams come true

But then the end did come

And Grunge was number one

The flame went dim

But stayed alive

And now I see the light

And now I feel the flames

Oh yeah, burning burning oh


The Torch of Rock and Roll

Hold it high, heal your soul

Let the fire take control

The Torch of Rock and Roll

I’ll never stop until I die

(Keep it burning)

Don’t even ask the reasons why

(Keep it burning)

This fire deep inside

It’s what keeps me alive

I raise my torch up to the sky

Watch the teaser right here!

It has been a continuously thrilling ride. First, gasoline was poured all over the dusty ground of hard rock's legacy. Then a spark hit the explosive ground and created a sea of fire for you to dip in the almighty flambeau you’ve been handed: THE TORCH OF ROCK AND ROLL has once again been lit. Now go and enjoy the video and album! 

The Torch Of Rock And Roll is now available here: https://orcd.co/torch