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Fiddler’s Green: "HEYDAY" #7 on German Album Charts


Fiddler’s Green celebrate the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day by hitting #7 on German Album Charts!

The German Irish Speedfolk rockers of Fiddler’s Green had more than one reason to party this weekend: Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day their main reason for celebration was that their brand new album “HEYDAY” entered the German Album Charts at #7! Moreover, this is not only an occasion for expressing congratulations – it is also yet another reason to see the band on tour and to toast to their success and to celebrate nearly 30 years of Fiddler’s Green with them!

And, as is right and proper for an occasion like this, the band has the last word as they thank their fans via their socials:

“Dear fans and friends of the band,

YOUR SUPPORT for our new album HEYDAY has pushed it straight to #7 in the German album charts, helping it live up to its name in the process: After 29 years this may truly become our HEYDAY! We’re absolutely over the moon! It’s great to realize that the two years of hard work we put into the songs were worth it, and it’s getting us even more stoked for the imminent tour! Thanks so much to all of you! We promise to celebrate HEYDAY with you in concert halls all across Germany and beyond.

See you soon and don’t forget to rehearse the lyrics!
Sláinte from Fiddler’s Green”