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EMP TV: New weekly episodes of TILL! now on YouTube!


Who’s in for adventures, fun and games? Till! is back with a brand new season of his EMP TV mini series on YouTube! Since July 5th, germanophiles can look forward to laughing their butts off once more each Sunday at 4pm CEST with a new episode of Till!. Wanna bring back good memories first and get into the zone? No prob, as seasons one and two are still available on the channel. Get ready and don’t forget to arm yourself with Google Translate and the pile of lyric booklets of a certain German superband!

Also, don’t forget to check the comments, as with Till! they have a track record of becoming just as funny as the series itself. Of course, no one will stop you from offering your very own ideas with regards to certain evergreens as a surprise for the creators ;-)

Marsch, marsch! Here we go: