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Berlin - A Concert For The People

Barclay James Harvest - "Berlin - A Concert For The People"

ALBUM TITLE: Berlin - A Concert For The People

GENRE: Progressive Rock


LABEL: Eclectic

ARTIST: Barclay James Harvest


Originally released 1982
Perhaps the crowning moment of Barclay James Harvest’s career, their  legendary concert on the steps of the Reichstag in Berlin on 30th  August 1980 saw the band launched as superstars in continental Europe.  Performing next to the Berlin wall, the concert attracted an audience of  175,000 people.
It was later televised throughout Europe. The resulting live album,  entitled ´Berlin - A Concert For The People´ for Germany and ´A Concert  For The People´ for the rest of Europe, was the most successful Barclay  James Harvest album to date in both the UK (where it remained a top  twenty fixture for some weeks) and in Germany and Switzerland where it  reached number one.
Now this memorable concert is released again on CD. This expanded  reissue has been re-mastered from the original master tapes and contains  two bonus live tracks.