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rekkorder Release Intricate New Album "One"


+ New Music Video in Legendary Setting

Founded back in 2015 in Hamburg, rekkorder can easily be described as one of those rare phenomena of a German rock outfit that managed to gain international recognitio

While the rising wave of their live success was cut short by the pandemic, the band put all that excess energy to good use, writing their second full-length album. One is a dynamic, catchy, riff-infused, often melancholic collection of 17 eclectic tracks which draws on a multitude of genres. Each cut is its own universe, all of them speaking to the fact that Nina and Bernd are as perceptive as they are energetic. The amount of reflecting that goes into each of their songs near merits the term concerned rock. The duo writes and performs in all three of its shared languages English, Spanish and German, telling stories inspired by current world events and people’s lives alike, talking about suicide (Gravestone), the struggle of leaving behind a toxic relationship (Solamente) and seizing opportunities even when it means letting go (Lass Los). That said, there’s always a strong emphasis on the reasons why people push through, which means that despite its serious subject matter, One has the songs to blast while driving (Gasoline) and the ultimate score for a brief moment of peace, when everyday problems fade against the backdrop of a cozy fall night (Be Alright).n early on. Their 2016 debut album Breaking Silence, mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk in New York (PJ Harvey, Sinéad O’Connor, Nelly Furtado, Garbage, Panic! At The Disco) received raving reviews for the band’s signature blend of native Colombian singer/shouter Nina Lucia Medina Muñoz's vastly expressive vocal range and German guitarrero Bernd Bloedorn’s powerful and nimble instrumentation with a firm footing in metal. It’s no wonder that national and international shows followed suit.

In order to celebrate the release of their sophomore album One, rekkorder are putting out MaryJane as their third single – one of the most emotional songs on the album, examining addiction. It’s accompanied by a smashing video filmed in Hamburg’s infamous night club Zur Ritze. Many legendary boxers and celebrities have fought fights in the boxing ring in the bar’s basement that has also been a filming locations for multiple movies and series such as A Most Wanted Man or Gypsy Queen. The emotional, female-empowering video, containing some beautifully shot fighting scenes, can be watched here: