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LEACH (SWE): Final album single out now, comes with a lyric video!


To sing along or to bang your head? A tough decision brought to you by the Swedish moshers Slice Of Life!

The northern parts of Europe are living on their own – sometimes weird, when seen from the outsider’s perspective – cycle of light and dark. And this is particularly true for the Scandinavian people. Torn between the never setting sun on one hand and the demons of a seemingly endless darkness on the other, it’s no wonder that they could develop the plethora of myths, legends, and fairy tales that they are known for. It’s a rich heritage that didn’t die with the advent of electricity and the lightbulb either, as a legion of electric guitars, belligerent drums and captivating voices or, briefly put, heavy metal has kept it, rekindled it, and also drawn from it. One result of all that is the incredible Scandi sense for coming up with all sorts of hymns, no matter the actual genre.

And just as the creations of mythology have been for many centuries, metal is here to heal, to drive our demons out, and make us forget all about them for a moment. “Wanna shake off what’s eating away at you today? Be our guest,” says Swedish mosh battalion LEACH: “Come on, cut through your darkness and unpack that precious Slice Of Life!”

See? That wasn’t so bad was it? It should be gone now, that nerve-wracking itch in the rear of your head. That sense of unfulfillment, of missing out on something without ever catching a glimpse of what that might actually be. Should it ever come back, you’re not alone with this, mind you: “I hate that feeling, it’s like having a shadow that’s cast by a light you never see”, LEACH singer and guitarist Markus tries to grasp it, when he talks about the meaning behind the band’s brand new lyric video and single Slice Of Life. “But that’s nothing that a punkish, straight-forward four-beat-rock blended with an overall metal crush couldn’t heal, right?” – Right! Now back to it, and sing along this time!

Slice Of Life is the third and final single from LEACH’s fourth album New Model Of Disbelief, which will be released digitally and as CD and LP on April 19, 2024. Christian Silver at Studiomega (Sepultura, Kreator, Soilwork), who already took great care of the band’s previous record Lovely Light of Life, acted as the driving force in terms of recording, mixing and mastering once again.
Make sure to pre-save the new record here: https://orcd.co/leach and don’t forget to toss the latest singles Gone To Waste (https://orcd.co/gonetowaste) and All Rise (https://orcd.co/leachallrise) on the playlist(s) of your choice.