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You Should Smile More Often

The Optimist In Me - "You Should Smile More Often"

ALBUM TITLE: You Should Smile More Often

GENRE: Alternative Rock

FORMAT: Digital



ARTIST: The Optimist In Me

COUNTRY: Netherlands


Vocals/Bass/Guitar: Wietze Halma
Drums: Daan van Breukelen
Guitar: Caleb Bingham

The Optimist In Me is an alternative rock band from the Netherlands that aims to make a positive impact on global happiness by encouraging people to embrace their inner optimist. Their goal is to deepen the understanding of mental health by promoting self-awareness. Through the universal language of music and the immersive experience of live shows, they aim to foster a culture of support. From now on, fans can join the band on their journey and become part of their story – knowing that together, you are never alone.

The Optimist In Me give a taste of what's to come with the release of their debut single You Should Smile More Often and announce a 3 track EP of the same name for November 17:

The Optimist In Me recorded their debut songs in collaboration with Caleb Bingham (Ex-Five Finger Death Punch) and Dutch artist Dan Brooklyn. To ensure top-notch quality, the band enlisted the expertise of Chris Clancy (known for his work with Machine Head and Kataklysm) for mixing and mastering – recommended to them by Andy Sneap of Judas Priest. The tracks are a mix of modern and classic alternative rock, made to appeal to audiences of all ages. The lyrical themes revolve primarily around hope and positivity, as the band strives to make a meaningful contribution to the greater good. This commitment to positivity and meaningfulness will also be reflected in their future live shows, where the band aims to create an uplifting and impactful experience for the audience.

You Should Smile More Often by The Optimist In Me is available via:



01. You Should Smile More Often
02. Window In The Sky
03. Glass Half Full (Don't Be Afraid)