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The Eternal Game: Minatox69 Release Video for "Can’t Believe"


Out May 29 + Pre-Order Start

The game is on: Italian thrash metal insurgents Minatox69 are ready to let loose their next track Can’t Believe from the upcoming album Collapse on Friday, May 29th. The video that comes along with it illustrates our inner struggles and the challenges of feeling trapped with the will to break out. The whole narration takes place within the big metaphorical framework of a masterly staged game of chess, because sometimes we’ve got to simplify what’s too comprehensive, and break it down into digestible pieces. The band gives deeper insight into the story behind song and video:

“The idea behind the composition of this song was developed through an analysis of the concept of ‘challenge’, which, in a small way, we tried to best represent through a game of chess in the video for Can’t Believe. It’s really a comparison between one's conscience and free will. It’s a provocation towards those who do not accept the fact that we are predominantly fake, different, corrupt beings; we yield to temptations as easily as we prostrate before dogmas that limit our freedoms (religious, political, social, economic, etc.). "We are only human beings, neither sinners nor saints ..." – we should learn through experiences, wrongs and mistakes, and then evolve, first as individuals and then as a community/society. The real challenge according to our vision is to develop the ability to take responsibility for one's choices by accepting all the consequences without any kind of hypocrisy.”

Can’t Believe is out on May 29. The new album Collapse can be pre-ordered exclusively via the band’s Bandcamp in digital form (starting Friday, May 29th), with Nothing New Under The Sun and Can’t Believe as Instant Gratification Tracks: https://minatox69.bandcamp.com



1. Can’t Believe
2. Nothing New Under The Sun
3. Collapse
4. Frozen Blood
5. Wht?!#
6. Guilty
7. Next Enemy
8. Plastic Apocalypse
9. Cupidity
10. Cyrus