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Minatox69 release new album "Collapse" … and talk about criticising the world and healing souls


Collapse can be ordered exclusively via the band’s Bandcamp in digital form!

The time has come: With Nothing New Under The Sun and Can’t Believe, two powerful songs with loud and clear statements, have paved the way for Italian thrash metal rebels Minatox69 to finally unleash their withering (new album) Collapse on a hopefully prepared and surely anxious public. And this is by far not the end of the road: The band is working on another video for a song from the album while looking forward to get more feedback from both fans and critics for their now released full-length. It’s an album that can do both: criticise the world as it is today, with its errors and many reasons to be angry, and simultaneously offer comfort and hope - especially in testing times, when music can also have a healing effect, as the band explains:

“Originally, we were naturally very excited to release our first full-length album, especially in times like this. It was a tough try, given the circumstances, but in the end, the only thing that mattered for us was to transmit our passion for music. For it’s music that will always survive against everything and it may probably, even in the darkest times, represent one of the ‘little things’ that can heal our souls. We are very satisfied with the result and we hope that the public will enjoy it as much as we do. It was our first time collaborating with a producer to whom we created a deep bound. Stefano Santi from SVPN Studio followed us step by step, with a professional expertise. We reached results and feelings that we never imagined to be able to experience in this phase of recording. So far, we can simply say that it was one of the best musical experiences we ever had. 

Our idea with this album was to express our point of view regarding life. We use our aggressive and energetic sound to offer listeners a temporary escape from personal reality when they are having a rough time facing their everyday life. It’s like in any form of art: As artists we try to inspire people. Not all artists are the same, some choose to create a perfect world with a perfect refuge - and some, as we did, actually criticize the real world. We expose the worst of it but at the same time maintain hope as a last resort for human beings. And we guess that we will soon see if our message reaches the public ... we are really anxious to see how this will go :)”

Minatox69’s new album Collapse can be ordered exclusively via the band’s Bandcamp in digital form: