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Raven Black Night pay tribute to Uriah Heep’s Ken Hensley with new lyric video for Searching Your Love


Australian doom metallers Raven Black Night release their new video single!

After releasing their beloved and cherished album in the manners of doom legends like Candlemass or Manilla Road, the attitude-loaded and true to the bone Aussies of Raven Black Night have now released Searching Your Love, the third video single of their third album Run With The Raven, which has been on the lips of those with a passion for atmospheric and charmingly rough sounds. The lyric video captures the spirit of the passionate theme of the song that was partially inspired by a true legend of Uriah Heep. Raven Black Nights' singer and guitarist Jim Petkoff describes it as follows:

"I wrote Searching Your Love while driving along the coastline of my hometown Adelaide. A rush of words hit me, thinking about the Mother Ocean and Mother Earth as feminine protectors of the planet. Musically and lyrically, it takes a leaf from the mystical type of writing Uriah Heep and Ken Hensley did, that transported you to a place where fantasy and reality collided – added with a bit of Kiss and Black Sabbath swagger."

Run With The Raven is out worldwide via SAOL. The brand-new lyric video can be watched right here: