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OSYRON honour long-time fan with beloved Queensryche cover


The Canadians cover "Queen Of The Reich"!

The world is hurting in a crisis that, according to human nature, should unite us all. Just at times it doesn’t quite feel like it. The human mind, when tasked with overcoming basic horror and existential fears, thrives for company and the sweetness of solace that lies within. Yet here we are, all around the globe, doing all we can to stay socialized while keeping as much physical distance as possible in order to fight a pandemic.
When artists and fans can’t communicate in clubs anymore, and in the absence of a climax of sweat and sounds that confirms everyone is doing fine, other means of communicating back and forth have to be explored. How can we overcome this? Canadian metal and history buffs OSYRON are seeking answers that might feel like baby steps on the grander scale but, when looked at and multiplied by many, show great potential to lessen our burden. The Osyron way of making such a step: Invite the fans into the heart of creativity, make them active members of this gang – start with asking and listening, then perform the shit outta it in order to stand closer together and have fun. That's why this is both a band’s performance and a big shout-out to a very special fan:

"In the months following the rise of the global Covid-19 pandemic, one dedicated Osyron fan (looking at you, Bruce) tasked everybody's favourite Canucks with re-creating the classic Queensryche song Queen Of The Reich. As part of our pre-order campaign for the run up to Foundations, our latest release, we offered a package where fans could support us directly by requesting any song they could think of as a cover. Our great friend and long-time supporter Bruce asked us to do this classic."

And now let’s shut up and dance: