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The Mighty One (Re-Release)

The Mighty One - "The Mighty One (Re-Release)"

ALBUM TITLE: The Mighty One (Re-Release)

GENRE: Hardrock

FORMAT: digital



ARTIST: The Mighty One


As of NOV 27 and after a long time of drought, fans of the Canadian hard rock trio TheMightyOne, spearheaded by Tim Steinruck, can finally get their hands on TheMightyOne (2008) and Shift (2012) again. Better yet, the very same day also marks the first ever official European release for the two albums that had quite an impact back home in Canada at the time.
For his debut, former Paul Stanley (KISS) management protegé Tim Steinruck got in touch with his friend and studio customer Devin Townsend, who, besides being a welcome guest in Tim’s house and studio, took mixing in his trusted hands and partially helped Tim out as a producer. The resulting TheMightyOne was just insane: a guttural stadium rock monster that somehow managed to walk the thin line of integrating grand melodies and engaging hook lines with the brutal, neck-breaking stomp of modern heavy metal. Now, 12 years later, the album hasn’t aged a bit and someone might be in the know as to where this magic might be coming from:

"TheMightyOne's music is coming from a very special place… Tim really feels his music and has an unwavering quest toward his artistic goals. Huge and true, he really has done what he set out to do with his debut release” – Devin Townsend

Having spent a good portion of his own time with Tim, Devin knew well about said goal that defined the very nature of the album: exorcising the apocalypse out of a broken heart and soul that had just gone through painful losses. Thus, the intention behind the original releases of these two albums come full circle: In a time that is stamped by omnipresent grief, fear and withdrawal, TheMightyOne light up the hearts of those in need for hope and confidence with TheMightyOne and Shift – the latter one starting off from a more positive situation, that brought a huge portion of hopefulness and fun into the whole songwriting process, while managing to keep the band’s then modern and today timeless touch of guttural oomph. The result is a highly melodic hard rock album with enough stomp to assist you in tearing your house down.



1. My World

2. Bitten

3. Reprieved

4. Die Another Day

5. What About It

6. Forsaken

7. Wake Up

8. Back To You

9. Perfect Stain

10. Decide

11. Reprieved (German Version)

12. Absuelto (Reprieved) (Spanish Version)