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THE BLUE POETS Live Power 2018

Result of an Intense Journey: Marcus Deml, King of Tone

FX-pedals from rocket science? Amplifiers with fuel rods instead of valves? Solar driven, vegan tuners? Cooler racks and guitars in epilepsy-inducing illuminating paint jobs are – in the world of The Blue Poets – as unlikely as palladium strings, coiled by a vestal virgin and based on a heptadecagonal core. Adieu gain monsters, distortion monoliths and hip sound burnishers! This story isn’t about esoterism, it’s all about the long hard walk towards the perfect, natural sound.

THE BLUE POETSMarcus Deml has already covered that ground, he is a man who has arrived. His guitar whispers and screams. She weeps, sweet-talks, laments and caresses, she wildly surges ahead and vanishes wailing in self-abandonment, the sound exuding straight from the hands through the listener’s ear into their soul. It is as the saying goes: The fingers make the sound. Consequently, there is only one dominant element in the magical path from guitar to amp and that is the mere man – flanked by his custom Sweet Elephant Overdrive and a trusty old Yamaha UD Delay that’s been at his side for long distances throughout his journey.Somewhere on his way into the here and now, Marcus Deml has also fallen in love, and as a result, it’s now pretty unlikely that we will ever hear his eclectic, nuanced guitar play – that covers so much more than just in - and exhaling of the blues pentatonic – from a guitar that isn’t a Fender. No wonder he gave her a small but darn sexy dress – D’Addario Strings and the remarkable Kloppmann Signature Pickups. Master Deml doesn’t stop here though, proving how highly he regards the most sensitive, liveliest link in the whole chain – his listener’s ear – through his commitment when it comes to positioning the speakers and actually shaping and directing their sound with DeeFlex Beam Blockers. Marcus Deml does claim his right to play loud. However, he clearly doesn’t want to hurt the ears of his fans or kick their sound perception out of balance.

Raw, the shoes soiled with gutter dirt, and courage plucked up – that’s all it takes for a true, authentic and unbridled blues rock experience, right? Well, the devil’s in the details.Tunes tell more than a billion words. How much so, will be heard on Friday, April 13th, when Live Power, the first live album by THE BLUE POETS sees the light of day. It will be part recollection, part outlook on things to come – a fresh tour of the wild four in particular, starting at the same date.

Backstage photo The Blue Poets


DE - Torgau, Kulturbastion
DE - Lübeck, Treibsand
DE - Essen, Zeche Carl/Kaue
DE - Hamburg, Knust
DE - Unna, Lindenbrauerei/Atelier
DE - Cologne, Kantine/Yardclub
DE - Berlin, Quasimodo
DE - Osnabrück, Maiwoche/Marktplatz
DE - Munich, Andechser Zelt/Tollwood
DE - Balge, Rock das Ding
DE - Mannheim, Guitar Summit
DE - Zülpich, Live Proberaum
NL - Ulft, DRU Cultuurfabriek
DE - Esslingen, Dieselstrasse
DE - Baden Baden, Blues Club