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Jen Majura pays tribute to Chuck Norris in new playthrough video


"He's the best from the east to the west"

Chuck Norris does not fall, he attacks the ground! He makes onions cry, he can sit while standing, piss his name into concrete and drown fish. Chuck Norris does not celebrate his birthday either, his birthday celebrates him – as does guitar kamikaze Jen Majura, who pays homage to the action movie legend in her new ENGL playthrough clip "Like Chuck Norris."

The song is taken from her newly released solo album "InZENity" (available today) and delivers a sweet 80s Hard Rock tune, armed with a catchy chorus that would even make Mr. Norris smile. Perfect earcandy for the party this weekend! But beware, Chuck Norris likes to throw parties - 200 meters!

"InZENity" is in stores today and available to download and stream!