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Kingdom Immortal

Midnite Hellion - "Kingdom Immortal"

ALBUM TITLE: Kingdom Immortal

GENRE: Heavy Metal Rock‘n‘Roll

FORMAT: CD, LP, MC, Digital

LABEL: SAOL/The Orchard


ARTIST: Midnite Hellion



Drew Rizzo - Drums, Songwriting, Lyrics
Richard Kubik - Bass, Vocals, Songwriting, Lyricist
Charles Koegler - Guitar

Chiming in with their thrash-luster take on NWOBHM, New Jersey power trio MIDNITE HELLION are dead set on conquering Europe with speed, charm and just good old fun. Their blend of heavy and thrash metal is always on point, even when they put sick 70’s blues notes up to battling killer riffs from the heart of the 80’s.
Now – with several EPs, singles, and a killer debut album behind their belts and after thrashing the stages ever since 2011, topping it all off with accompanying Anvil on their massive US tour in 2022 and 2023 – the band deemed the time right to unleash their latest album Kingdom Immortal on the European crowd. Making it available on CD, MC and LP for the first time outside the US, the three hellions would have celebrated their endeavor supporting U.D.O. on their 2023 continental tour, which unfortunately had to be postponed. But MIDNITE HELLION don’t cry over spilled milk.

Upon release to the US market in 2022, their album Kingdom Immortal immediately entered the Metal Contraband and NACC Radio charts. And soon – on April 12, 2024 – the crazy time traveling riff machine will also become available for European fans of classic neck shredding. The title derives from a Rock’n’Roll heaven, which every deceased musician or band joins when they call it quits. Composed of eight memorable tracks, MIDNITE HELLION created a roaring beast that’s meant to be cranked up all the way to 11! Better yet, Kingdom Immortal is now available for pre-order and pre-save: https://orcd.co/kingdomimmortal



1. H.M.O.
2. She-Demon
3. Phantomland
4. Rapscallion
5. Speed Demon
6. Resurrected
7. Army Of The Dead
8. In Sickness And In Hell