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SHARK ISLAND release "On And On" Video


There’s music in that rabbit hole.

We’ve all seen the numbers when the United States took their big hit from Covid-19 and the dramatic images of the colorful, lively and inventive State of California almost being brought down to its knees are hard to forget. Today, California is once more taking the lead, being referenced as a role model in the US for a quick and broad response: A full lockdown that is said to have saved millions of lives yet is still going on – with consequences for many, that are becoming harder to bear by the day.

Sunset Strip hard rock legends SHARK ISLAND, located at the heart of the lockdown in Los Angeles, got away lucky at first, when they successfully released their critically acclaimed comeback album Bloodline just before the dawn of Corona started butchering global distribution chains and killing off culture in many forms.

But how has life been since for a gang of artists that’s not only confined to their homes with hands tied but also in full knowledge that their age alone with a life of rock’n’roll added on top, makes them the perfect targets for this nasty “plague”?

It’s been shit, simple as that. A narrowing rabbit hole of fear, inner terror, aporia and depression. To even begin to shake this off, the three confined men feel they’ve gotta turn this mess inside out first. To figure a way of crawling out, they’re inviting us to their realm of madness, because it’s a lonely place. Invitation comes in form of their own, very personal music video from the pit. Instead of pretending lightheartedness in the face of a crisis as has become pretty common these days, SHARK ISLAND grabbed their most desperate, quiet and gloomy song – On And On – and turned it into the most bizarre, depressive yet self-ironic handmade music video that they could possibly have come up with. This murmuring, manic Corona monologue shows the situation unmasked – a sudden, unexpected hell that just keeps dragging on and on and on.

The now distant better world, however, is not forgotten at all. The band is desperately longing for it, for meeting friends and fans, shaking hands and killing nights together. But most of all, SHARK ISLAND are tremendously thankful for all the love they received for Bloodline. Being aware of people all around the globe showing their support even now, when everyone is struggling, helped the guys massively. And it’s the thought of these people, pictured in a better world, that makes the band push through and write new songs for another album. So yeah, next album hereby confirmed.

Watch On And On here and let the band know in the comments how you’re dealing with the situation – whoever you are, wherever you are: