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World Painted Blood

Slayer - "World Painted Blood"

ALBUM TITLE: World Painted Blood

GENRE: Thrash Metal


ARTIST: Slayer


"World Painted Blood" will initially ship with four special  collector's edition CD covers.

Each of the four covers will display one-fourth of a continental map illustrated with human skulls and bones; when placed together, the four images form a complete and grisly map of the world.

All four of the initial CD packages will include a special blood-red, see-through top panel with the map displayed beneath it.

The "World Painted Blood" Deluxe Edition will have its own special layout of the map cover art and will be in a double-digipak housed in a blood-red, see-through plastic sleeve. The Deluxe Edition will include the  "World Painted Blood" CD, the "Playing With Dolls" DVD, a 20-minute animated  graphic novel featuring music from the album (including part of a new non-album  song), and an expanded booklet.



01 World Painted Blood – 5:53
02 Unit 731 – 2:39
03 Snuff – 3:42
04 Beauty Through Order – 4:36
05 Hate Worldwide – 2:55
06 Public Display of Dismemberment – 2:34
07 Human Strain – 3:09
08 Americon – 3:22
09 Psychopathy Red – 2:26
10 Playing with Dolls – 4:13
11 Not of This God – 4:20