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Winter Days of Metal: last bands, running order and 1-day tickets


Today, your new favorite winter festival, the Winter Days of Metal, announces the last bands for its line-up: the final additions are Tomcat, Minotauro, Youth Man, Trash Talk, Malignant Tumor and Serious Black!

All of them will heat up the visitors in wintry Bohinj.

Unfortunately Milking the Goat Machine will not be able to perform at the festival. Here is the band’s official statement: “For different unforeseen reasons (holiday cancelled, family reasons) we will not be able to play the show. We tried everything to make it possible. We are very sorry about that and hope for your understanding!!!”

The good news is that there is already an adequate replacement with Malignant Tumor.

As the organizers are sincerely trying to listen to all the fans’ requests, ideas and wishes, the demanded 1-day festival tickets are available as of today. You can purchase a 1-day festival ticket for a more than reasonable price of 29,00 EUR (+commission) here: https://www.mhshop-online.com/c367/wdom-2017

And the last news for today: The running order for the WDoM is online! Please be advised that hopefully only minor changes to the running order are still possible! Check it out here: http://www.winterdaysofmetal.com/Line_up

You don’t have your package yet? Get your Ski & Fun- or Wellness package here: http://www.bohinj-info.com/en/package/1/winter_days_of_metal_ang.html.

Not interested in the package offer? Then the festival ticket only is the right option! Tickets are available here: https://www.mhshop-online.com/c367/wdom-2017. Be there and enjoy an extraordinary winter holiday in Bohinj!