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The Prophecy of Karnifor

NECHT - "The Prophecy of Karnifor"

ALBUM TITLE: The Prophecy of Karnifor

GENRE: Black Metal

FORMAT: CD/Digital

LABEL: SAOL/The Orchard




Zenith Maharg - Vocals
Ascendant Zhargor - Guitars
Ascendant Vlasfimos - Drums
Ascendant Aemoh - Bass

It is undeniable: We humans are and have always been driven by our own imagination. Someone stumbles across an old book as a child and from then on lives a life believing in the resurrection of a man who died in a cruel way, giving rise to white metal as a movement. The other, fed up with the doctrines of the first, finds refuge in their inversion and contributes to the continued existence of black metal.

A third follows the Mad Arab into the Mountains of Madness with the Necronomicon under his arm, laughing at the Lord of the Rings, who listens to Blind Guardian in his Audi while singing Tolkien. Yes, we humans – and especially we bookworms, movie buffs and metalheads – are an odd but somehow ingenious bunch.
However, our hobby is always at its best when, in the midst of one of the many creative death spirals of bland rehashes and franchise extensions, someone simply presses "pause" to take the time to create a new myth. And that's exactly what happened at the end of 2022, when three Canadian musicians began to withdraw from a world that was becoming increasingly insane in its post-pandemic state of self-laceration...
...and who have now re-emerged four-strong as NECHT, more precisely as Zenith Maharg and his Ascendants Vlasfimos, Zhargor and Aemoh, with the soon-to-be-released long meditation The Prophecy of Karnifor in their luggage.

The weird quartet themselves give us a little insight into what has secretly happened since then: “Zenith Maharg and Ascendant Vlasfimos are long-standing collaborators, already dead-set on starting a black metal project. In a second-hand bookshop in Calgary, Zenith Maharg then came across a copy of the obscure and controversial history Translating the Enkari-B’ahn Scrolls: Words from the People of the End Times, written by Dr. Birgitta Olsson, based on the discoveries that the German explorer and philosopher Dr. Karl von Mecklenburg made in the middle of the 19th century, and published in 2015. As he read and learned more about the fascinating and largely unknown history of the Enkari, he became determined to establish the Temple that is NECHT to do homage to our most ancient ancestors. Since then, we have been performing public rituals with rapidly growing numbers of participants, in which – enlightened by our multifaceted sermons – more and more people have been joining the Cult of B'ahn, our sun god.”
One of the central themes in the history of the Enkari was the social division into two city-states, Lashmir and Ishpan, which were engaged in a perpetual war until the end of the records. B'ahn was the god of the city warriors of Lashmir, to whom NECHT also associate themselves. Now, for the first time, as part of a visual revelation, the descendants of the Lashmirs perform the sermon For Violence Was Wrought Upon Me, taken from the meditation The Prophecy of Karnifor, which will be made available in full on May 17, 2024:

The full length meditation The Prophecy Of Karnifor will be revealed on May 17, 2024. Disciples of the cult and those willing to become one can pre-order it here at any given time: https://necht.bandcamp.com/album/the-prophecy-of-karnifor




1. The Vision Of The Qa'ar
2. Within Her Jaws Dwells The Dark Promise Of Our Death
3. Stirred By Shadow Did I Wake
4. To Me, The Obelisk Calls
5. Into Bondage Born
6. By The Fires Of Ascension Shall I Reach The Sky
7. By Blood And Bone Do We Bind
8. Blackend Loom The Walls Of Ishpan
9. For Violence Was Wrought Upon Me