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Live At De Bosuil

Cryptex - "Live At De Bosuil"

ALBUM TITLE: Live At De Bosuil

GENRE: Progressive Folk Rock



ARTIST: Cryptex

COUNTRY: Germany


Simon Moskon – Vocals, Bass, Piano, Keyboard, Bluesharp, Didgeridoo
Ramón Fleig – Drums, Percussion, Cajón, Background Vocals
Martin Linke – Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Sansula, Background Vocals

Subsequently to their highly acclaimed debut-album „Good Morning, How Did You Live?“, <strong>CRYPTEX</strong> grabbed the chance and went to a two month long European support tour for PAIN OF SALVATION at the beginning of this year, which lead them through 14 countries.

From Paris to London, Madrid and Stockholm, all big European clubs had the honour with them. CRYPTEX are progressive Folk-Rock-musicians, that searched for their own style and found it! They experiment with the colourful chemistry set of music, which results in an impressive and highly explosive mixture of Rock, Alternative with a touch of Folk and an old-school Progressive flair. But recording songs on a record and then performing them in a live situation are two completely different things! How will the audience react on this band, that can`t be classified?

Due to the fact you had the chance to experience Simon, Ramón and Martin live, you will know that these questions are reasonless. If you let these three on stage, you will get a perfect symbiosis of grooving guitar-riffs and drums, epic soundwalls, an unbelievable joy of playing, Rock ´n Roll, experimental elements, danceable keyboard-arrangements and an unconditional love and passion towards the music. In the middle-part of their tour, CRYPTEX arrived in the Netherlands. Their show at the club "De Bosuil" was filmed and is now perpetuated on this DVD. Everything is completed with an approx. 45 minutes long documentary about this outstanding formation, as well as a carefully chosen photo-gallery

Cryptex cover art


01. Hicksville, Habitus And Itchy Feet
02. Freeride
03. Dance Of The Strange Folk
04. Camden Town
05. Alois
06. It’s Mine
07. Gypsy’s Lullaby
08. Most Lovable Monster
09. Grief And Despair
10. Leviathan