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Live At The Union Chapel

Jonathan Davis And The SFA - "Live At The Union Chapel"

ALBUM TITLE: Live At The Union Chapel

GENRE: Metal

LABEL: Music In Motion

Recorded at Union Chapel, London, England on June 16, 2008.

Cited as one of Metal’s all-time top vocalists,KORN’s JONATHAN DAVIS is truly a unique voice in rock, and there is no doubt he is at the top of his craft. His vocal workhas made an essential contribution to the KORN sound, and also to the band’s phenomenal success helping them reach extraordinary heights both artistically and commercially.

Throughout the chart topping history of KORN, DAVIS has always nurtured a parallel solo career that began in his formative high school years. This solo career has culminated with the formation of the SFA (Simply Fucking Amazings), his hand picked backing band of multi-talented musicians.

Wanting to cover new ground and refresh his musical horizons, JONATHAN & SFA embarked on a worldwide solo tour entitled “Alone I Play”. This recording captures them at Union Chapel, London, England, and in incredibly fine form! A chance to witness JONATHAN DAVIS singing songs he has never before performed on stage!



01. System
02. Last Legal Drug
03. 4 V
04. Hey Daddy
05. Forsakken
06. Dirty
07. Alone I Break
08. Slept So Long
09. Kick The P.A.
10. Not Meant For Me
11. Hold On
12. Careless
13. Redeemer
14. Got The Life
15. Falling Away From Me