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BRUNHILDE: Seventh Single "Come Out, Come Out"!


Let's celebrate life

+++ Official Press Release by Count & Countess +++


The new and exciting album To Cut A Long Story Short has just been released, and BRUNHILDE are already following up with their seventh single on the 2nd of April. At least every eight weeks, you can expect a new single by this up-and- coming band. At least every two months, like clockwork, BRUNHILDE make you want more!

Their latest hit is called Come Out Come Out. In the accompanying video, Bloodhound Gang bass man Evil Jared once again has a very special guest appearance alongside BRUNHILDE, while singer Caro and her guitarist Kurt Bauereiß put the pedal to the metal like there's no tomorrow.

Speaking of “no tomorrow”... Come Out Come Out is not a “zombie” song. “Initially, our producer Charlie Bauerfeind thought of the undead crawling out of the ground when he wrote the lyrics,” Caro explains with a laugh, “but in fact, the lyrics completely refer to reality and they are totally positive.”
“The drug of life is a sound of a guitar” – that’s what the chorus says. And Caro goes a little deeper: "With the single 'Come Out Come Out' we want to encourage our listeners to live their own lives. Don't follow a system, believe in yourselves and in your dreams. Stick to your guns, even if there might be some setbacks.”
The 21st of March is, as we all know, the beginning of spring. Couple days later, BRUNHILDE celebrate life: “Come Out Come Out, wherever you are!" 

Watch the music video right here: